Every year there is a risk of getting sucked into it—the frenetic busyness, shopping obligations, and financial stress. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the busiest time of the year. So, how do we steer this birthday party back to Jesus? How do we put the focus back on our King?

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve found that these four simple practices have helped families, small groups, and churches celebrate a more stress-free, Jesus-centered Christmas. Another way to think of them is as spiritual practices. Every Christmas season is a new opportunity to dive deeper into the gospel and the beauty of the incarnation.

Use these tenets as a guide for your Advent season and watch as God leads the way.

  • WORSHIP FULLY – Start here. Before anything else, make sure your heart is prepared to receive this gift of our Savior.

  • SPEND LESS – Resist the consumerism of Christmas. Feel less stress and free up your financial resources for things that matter to Jesus. It’s simple but life-changing.

  • GIVE MORE – Give gifts that are dripping with meaning and significance. Celebrate the people God has put in your life by giving thoughtfully and relationally.

  • LOVE ALL – In tangible ways, love and serve the forgotten, the poor, the marginalized. This is the way of Jesus.

Make room for Jesus.

Parties, shopping lists, travel plans, work projects, family get-togethers…these invitations and obligations aren’t going anywhere. The challenge is to intentionally set aside time and make it a priority to keep Jesus at the center.

This kind of meaningful, Jesus-filled Christmas will not happen by accident. Sometimes that means saying no to something or starting a new tradition with your family. By following along with the four tenets of Advent Conspiracy conspirators from almost every continent on earth have used these practices to break free from the stress of Christmas.

Join us. Be a part of a revolution that says there’s a better, fuller, richer way to celebrate Jesus.

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