Four-week study designed to help groups apply the tenets of Advent Conspiracy in personal, practical ways.

To get the most out of the new curriculum, we recommend reading and answering the questions on your own prior to meeting.
As a group watch the videos and unpack the small group discussion questions that are included in the new Advent Conspiracy book.



Read: Chapters 1-3
Discussion questions pg. 153-155

Session 2 – SPEND LESS

Read: Chapter 4
Discussion questions pg. 157-158

Session 3 – GIVE MORE

Read: Chapter 5
Discussion questions pg. 159-160

Session 4 – LOVE ALL

Read: Chapters 6-7
Discussion questions pg. 161-163

Our hope is that through reading the new Advent Conspiracy book and watching these videos, your small groups and churches will move into the Advent season with a fresh perspective. That you will rediscover Christ and be transformed by entering his story. The idea is simple, yet sometimes it is simple ideas that change our lives in the best way possible.

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